Rules and Regulations for Cake Or Death

We expect our members  to act in a sensible manner . Excessive swearing guild chat or general channels will not be tolerated. Furthermore racist  jokes should be kept to private messages and out of general guild chat altogether.   This also applies to General and Trade Chats . We do not want to receive a bad reputation on the server due to things being said in trade or general etc.  We also do not tolerate abuse in guild chat.  Depending on the severity this will lead to either a warning or a kicking from the guild.


Please read all guild rules.  If you do not understand any then please feel free to ask any officers about them. 

Guild Ranks

Non Raider Rank: 

This is self explanatory.  This rank is for the friends and family of our raiding members. Although these members can not  generally join in for 25 man raids he/she will be allowed to join for 10 man raids possibly and possibly outdoor raid bosses .  Friends and Family members can earn dkp for doing 25 mans .  However members will still have priority on loot.  This also applies to 10 man raids that are run by members of the guild. Although these are welcomed in our guild it should be stressed that people are invited with the knowledge they are not likely to be invited to the instances we are currently trying to clear.


When people apply to the guild if accepted they will be given this rank.  In general a trial will last for two weeks.  A trial is the time that he/she  should be trying to impress us.  If a triallist does not raid at least two out of the three raids per week and no satisfactory reasons are given then the trial will automatically be failed.   Please note that although triallists are awarded dkp members are given priority on loot although obviously triallists can still be awarded loot.

Selling items to Guild Members

Please note that guild chat isnt a trading place and nor should we try and make money out of other guild members.


These are people who have passed there trial. Please note that like trialists members are expected to sign up for 2 out of the 3 weekly 25 man raids.  People that are not signing up to at least two a week regularly and not giving a satisfactory explanation will be demoted to the friends and family rank or removed from the guild.


The officers tasks are deciding who to invite to the guild and assessing trallists.  Some will also raid lead.  Regular officer meetings will be held and any rules updated as seen fit.  In addition the Melee, Ranged Tank and Healing officers will also be there to help as needed.  If you feel you need help or have any questions for any officers  please message them in game.

Loot Rules

We use a nil sum dkp system in Cake Or Death.  If a item drops that you would like please whisper who the raid leader specifies you too.  The person with the most dkp will win that item providing that they are a member and not a trialist.      If a item drops that no one bids on then it will be offered as a off spec bid.  These items are available at a cost of 1 Abyss Crystals.


We use Ventrillo for our raids.  Although you do not have to speak on it is compulsory to at least have it so that you can hear tactics.  Please do not say you know tactics as thats not really the point.  The tactics we use could be different to the ones you have used previously.


If you are picked to be in a raid please make sure that you have any necessary add ons that are specified in the raiding section.  These should all be installed  and tested prior to the raid.  Again please do not say you dont need the addon.  The Raid leader reserves the right to remove anyone from the raid who does not use the add ons that we request members to use.  Please listen to any tactics the raid leader gives.  He is doing it for the benefit of the guild and so is to everyones advantage to listen.  Please do not spam raid chat while tactics are being given out.  If you do know alternative tactics you think could work then please message the raid leader in private so as to keep the raid chat clear.  Members are expected to be online 15 mins before the raid is due to start and in instance 5 minutes before the raid is due to start.  Anyone who is late and hasnt informed us on the forum is likely to be replaced so that the raid starts as accurately as possible.  If you are late to a raid and are subsequently replaced please do not badger others to give up there spot in the raid for you as that isnt acceptable to us.  Likewise under no circumstances is your character to be played by anyone but yourself in a raid.  If you cannot complete the raid please state this when signing up for the raid.  Also please note that as the raid lists are done the day before the raid then if you wish to sign up for the raid it should be done before 10pm prior to the day of the raid.  Also please note that should you sign for a raid and not turn up then you will be put to the botom of the next raid list that you sign up for.  Please note its not acceptable to get yourself saved to a raid id with a pug or another guild if we are due to raid that instance that week.

Alts in the Guild

We do allow alts in the guild.  However by definition these are alts and not main characters.  Alts are allowed to be taken into none progression instances, however if a main needs a item that drops he/she  will be given priority on it.  On rare occassion we do ask a alt to join a raid if we are short of a specific class. Again if a item dropped a main would get priority.

If you have problems with someone in the guild.

If possible please try to sort it out with each other via private messages.  If this doesnt work then please see a officer so they can maybe mediate between you.  It is in the guilds best interest for everyone to try and get on with each other.

Guild Bank

Members are welcome to apply for things out of the guild bank.  If you require items please post your requirements in the guild bank section of the forum and officers will then discuss it and if passed will then be given out to you in game.

Members gear

Although we do realise that it can be expensive, along with other guilds we do expect our members to have there gear gemmed and enchanted with appropriate gems/enchants.  We can sometimes help with mats for enchants if we have the mats in the guild bank.  People are also expected to improve there character out of raids by doing heroics etc if need.  If we do not feel that a member is improvi8ng there character then that character may be demoted.

Consumables in raids

To help the raid if picked to be in it you should have the appropriate pots and food.  On new bosses that we are trying to down Flasks are also welcomed.

Applications to other guilds

Please note that if you wish to apply to another guild you should leave Cake Or Death on applying to the other guild.  If we see your application and have not been informed we will remove that member from the guild.

Items looted in raids.

Please note that materials obtained from mobs in raids are to be handed into the guild bank.  This included epic Boes.